Friday, May 29, 2009

NO is a Good Word

I think we all start life thinking "no" is a bad word. As an infant when you first began to explore your environment you would reach out to touch something and you would hear "Don't touch that!" (a/k/a NO). When you were in elementary school you would maybe ask to go to the park after school and were told "no". As a teenager it might be "Mom, can I go to the mall with Susie?" and Mom would often say "no". Of course there were usually reasons attached such as that will break, we are having dinner soon or you have homework to do. And the answer wasn't always "no". It just seemed that way.

Also, during those early years one was seldom able to use the word no. If your parents asked you to do something, would you say no? Not me. If any adult asked you a yes-or-no question, the preferred answer was often yes. From early experiences "no" is generally not thought of as a good word.

Do you think that might be why we often answer questions with "I'll try." or "Maybe."? No sounds so final and hard. I'll try and maybe are softer leaving a bit of hope. Of course, we all know they usually mean no. I think part of the issue is we want to please. We don't want to hurt someones feelings. We also don't want people to think badly of us. Well, I am learning to get over it!

Since grade school I have always offered to do special projects...always! Something needs to be done...sure I'll do it. Well, I have offered to such an extreme that I am totally over committed. When you offer to do these special projects people come to expect that you will continue to do them...and others. Well, I stopped offering. And weren't they surprised when they asked and I said no. A simple little word that can be so powerful and freeing. I have used "no" many times these past few months and I must say it feels very good. It was never that I did not like the projects. It was that seldom did anyone else offer to take them on. I had so over committed my time that other more important things in my life were left in the dust...things like my job, my apartment, my dog, etc.

I still have many unfinished projects but my goal is to complete them and pass on the responsibility. I will continue to help in a moderate way. I will not get in this situation again. I happily and gently use the word "no". So in my world "no" is a great word.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Brother is Watching

If you recall, I said no bad news or complaints allowed in this blog. Well, I certainly did think it was bad news when I received a Camera Enforcement Violation in the mail. I had heard of such a thing and definitely thought it a reasonable way to enforce adherence to the traffic signs and lights at our busy intersections. How many times had I seen cars going through red lights?

Well, back to the Red-Light Violation that I received. At first I thought there must be some mistake. I did not even recognize the address of the violation. Then I looked at the pictures clearly showing my car and my license plate. The photos basically looked black and white and the stop lights were miniscule. Then I realized I could actually see color on my license plate as well as my tail lights. So I went for the trusty magnifying glass. Was that stop light red? Hard to tell but it appeared so. You are given an opportunity to contest the violation. However, there are pictures. I certainly did not realize I had gone through a red light. What was my reason to contest? Can't think of one. Busted!

So moments ago I went online to pay the $100 fine. Yes, that could be bad news but I am just going to say that one must pay for their mistakes...not good news and not bad news...just fact. Well, the whole reason I wanted to write about this is because when I went to pay the violation I had the opportunity to revisit the scene of the crime. There it was "View Your Red-Light Violation Video". So I did. Very cool! I watched as traffic went through the light...the light changed to yellow...the light changed to red and yes, there I went right through the red light. And I had company. Another car came right behind me. Oh yes, I should add you could see the camera flash. I am laughing as I write this. I found this so amazing that I watched it three times.

So watch never know when Big Brother is Watching.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Writer's Block

Only Day 2 and I have writer's block...not a very good start on this blogging adventure. Since I said the only rule was no bad news and no complaints I think the purpose of this post will be to learn how to link to some good news. So I am off to find some good news.

Wow! Did you know there is actually a website called Happy News? Well, I just used their site to learn how to create a link. And that is definitely happy news!

Keeping this short today as it is getting late and I still have much to do. However I did have two accomplishments here...
  1. I wrote something.
  2. I learned how to create a link.
And we can actually make that three accomplishments...I can make a list. All for today but don't forget to check out Happy News.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting My Feet Wet

The purpose of this blog is to learn to blog. I have done some preliminary reading and it seems it is relatively easy. However, before I start my professional blog I thought it best to do a test drive. So my intent is for this blog to be short term...maybe 30 to 90 days. The subject matter is undetermined. It might be my experiences writing this blog or it could be anything. To make it a bit challenging I have only one bad news and no complaints.

One of my biggest challenges is going to be writing something on a regular basis. That is also one of the purposes of this exercise. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to follow the blogs I have found to be of interest. So how will I find the time to write one?

Other things I need to learn is how to format the blog, insert photos, link to other items, etc. Hmmmm...maybe this is not as easy as I was thinking. The important thing is I am excited about this project. So for the next few weeks or months I hope you join me in this adventure. Comments welcome.